Here is a 1/6th scale model that will be released soon by Morland Studios. There is a total of 13 parts- The head and upper torso, the skirt, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 baskets, base, 2 piece yoke,  and the head covering that holds the yoke in place. This has been printed and reproduced in resin garage kit style with RTV molds. I had to break it down into so many pieces to fit the printer build platform. It will also be produced in 35mm pewter, fortunately only 3 parts with the baskets separate from the body. It is based on artwork by Howard David Johnson and produced under license.

I put the ruler in for scale measurement- eye level is~ 11 inches from the bottom of her feet.
The base is ~5/8 inch thick, 5 inches diameter- the angles shift slightly as I turn on perspective on the second rotation