Here is the digital design breakdown for a late 1940's REO Speedwagon. It was not a big truck by today's standards. It was approximately the size of a Ford F 350, but it was quite versatile. You can see some nice restored examples like the one in the ad to the left. I believe at least on some that pick up bed tipped like a dump bed. They also put dualies on a reinforced rear axle and hauled trailers with a 5th wheel, as well as dump beds, stake beds, small cement mixers and tankers.

This will be 1/64 S Scale~82mm front to rear. After the digital prototypes are molded they will be cast in pewter. The bed assemblies will fit the frame of a previous truck I designed, an International Harvester  H 542-11. If you are curious about model scales, here is a Model Railroad Scale Converter/Calculator you may find useful.

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